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Baroque in Antwerp

Available for booking from 01/06/2018 until 02/09/2018

2 days, incl.:

  • 1 Beer tasting at Bier Central, 1 Dinner at Bier Central (3-course)
  • One Baroque Festival Card that includes: Visit “Michaelina” in MAS, Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady, Visit “Sanguine / Bloedrood” in M HKA
  • Visit St. Charles Borromeo’s Church, Visit Experience Traps in Middelheimmuseum

€ 73.21 Per person

Antwerp is the most distinctive Baroque city of the Low Countries. During Antwerp Baroque 2018 the city pulls out all the stops with a daring and lavish programme in which old Baroque rubs shoulders with new Baroque.



DAY 1: Introducing, Antwerp

Visit "Michaelina" in MAS Museum (Included) 

“Michaelina” showcases the extraordinary talent of an artist who became very successful at a time when female artists were the exception rather than the rule. Michaelina was a contemporary of Rubens. She set herself apart from other female artists at the time because of the genres she chose to specialise in.

Cathedral of Our Lady (Included)

The Cathedral of Our Lady is the largest Gothic edifice in the Low Countries. After 169 years (1352-1521), the cathedral finally reached its full height, towering over Antwerp at 123 metres. The cathedral is a huge treasury and owns several masterpieces, among others by Rubens. Eye-catchers include Rubens’s “The Elevation of the Cross” and “The Descent from the Cross”. 

Free time (Shopping)

Shopping in Antwerp is a real experience that perfectly fits with Antwerp’s status as a fashion city. Whatever your personal style, you are sure to find elegant pieces from large fashion houses, trendy boutiques, small independent shops and avant-garde concept stores. They are all within walking distance in a city that is both hip and historic, cool and classic, trendy and traditional.  


Bier Central - Beer tasting & 3-course menu (Included) 

Bier central is a very special beer cafe in the heart of Antwerp. People from all over the world visit the cafe for the extensive choice in Belgian Beer. Bier Central offers over 300 bottled Belgian beers, as well as 27 Belgian beers on cask.


DAY 2: Get to know Antwerp

Experience traps in Middelheim Museum (Free)

In the framework of “Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires”, the Middelheim Museum asked several internationally renowned artists, who work in various disciplines, to present new or existing work, inspired by the innovative ideas of Baroque landscape architecture. Experience Traps has become a collection of very diverse works, at the crossroads of architecture, sculpture, installation and performance, which will be installed in the Middelheim Museum and in various locations in the city centre.

St. Charles Borromeo's Church (Free) 

“Heaven on earth”, “the eighth world wonder” ... in the seventeenth century, people came up with the most eloquent descriptions to express their admiration for this church, which looks as if it is situated in an Italian piazza. It was built (1615-1621) during the pinnacle of the Counter-Reformation, by and for Jesuits. Peter Paul Rubens had a hand in the tower, the façade, the main altar, the stucco on the ceiling and the chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, as a painter, decorator and architect. 

Sanguine / Bloedrood - M HKA Museum (Included)

The work of Baroque masters will be confronted with that of leading contemporary artists in the exhibition “Sanguine | Bloedrood”. The Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M HKA) invited the painter Luc Tuymans to curate this exhibition. Tuymans wants to create an overwhelming experience for visitors by establishing a dialogue between key works from the Baroque and the works of established contemporary artists, supplemented with contemporary stars.





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Panoramic view

I was looking for things to do in Belgium during my trip through Europe with my boyfriend and came across HEY! Belgium. We really loved the activities they recommended, especially the panoramic view on the roof of the MAS museum!

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