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Enjoy horse riding in southern Belgium


5 Days, incl.:

  • Camp from Monday to Friday
  • 4 Overnight stay at large dormitories
  • Meals and drinks
  • Lessons given by certified trainers
  • Lessons twice a day (dressage, jumping and voltige)
  • Trip to Pairi Daiza, the most beautiful animal garden of Europe
  • Caring for horses
  • Theoretical lessons (in French, English and Dutch)
  • LEWB licence included (insurance)
  • Swimming
  • Other additional fun activities and trips

Love horse riding and enjoying the beautiful nature? In that case HEY! Belgium encourages you to enjoy one of the summer camps at La Ferme du Parc, in the rural area of Silly. There is a riding school situated in a completely restored 17th-century farmhouse where horses are also bred. Did you know that Belgium is one of the best horse breeding countries in the world? The riding school organizes the camps for children from 5 up to 18 years old. The center is located at 40 km from Brussels Charleroi airport, so that makes it easy to get there.




Day 1: Start of the summer camp

Check-in summer camp

Start of the summer camp on monday. Everybody checks in in the morning.

Riding lessons 

Horse riding has many different forms. For example, dressage exists, but also jumping and voltige. It is hard to learn, but in the calm atmosphere at La Ferme du Parc it feels comfortable to start the learning progress. The starting day of the camp will contain a riding lesson twice.






Day 2: Expand your horse knowledge

Riding lessons 

The children will have made progress after the first day of lessons from certified trainers. The most important element of learning is to repeat. This day contains two riding lessons, to maintain the progress.

Caring for horses

The children will practice and learn how to take care of the horses, at La Ferme du Parc. Horses can be over 30 years old. That is why it is important that the horses are well cared for and before that is done properly, exercise is needed first. 

Theoretical lesson 

To support the knowledge of horses, the camp organizes a theoretical lesson from a horse expert. This ensures that the children, besides riding a horse, will know how to treat it. This lessons will be in French, English or Dutch.





Day 3: Visit to the Pairi Daiza

Riding lessons 

After the progress made in the first two days, the children will follow 2 more lessons this day, to keep the skills up-to-date.

Visit to the Pairi Daiza 

Pairi Daiza is one of the seventeen zoos in the whole world that presents one of the most adorable animals on our planet, the Panda. It is a privately owned zoo and botanical garden located in Brugelette, in the southern part of Belgium. The 65-hectare large animal theme park is the home to over 4,000 animals. You can also find the 'Dream of Han Wu Di' which is the largest Chinese garden in Europe.





Day 4: A day full of sport

Riding lessons 

Today it will be clear that the basis has been laid and two lessons are being practiced to jump over bars.

Visit the swimming pool

After some sportive days including a lot of horse riding in the hot summer weather, it is time to cool down in the swimming pool. A day before departure it is time to relax and to enjoy the water fun.





Day 5: The final day

Riding lessons

After this day with the final two lessons, the children will have the skills and abilities to deal with a horse.

End of the summer camp at La Ferme du Parc





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